During my own build I constantly wondered why there was a distinct shortage of single points of reference for anyone embarking on a self-build overland camper project. It seemed to me that a contemporary build-your-own-overlander style manual specific to larger vans / trucks was something that was most definitely missing and so, with the help of the kind people at Haynes, I wrote one.

Based on my involvement with my own and subsequent builds, and in consultation with others who have successfully used campers to circumnavigate the globe - plus still more who have built everything from highly successful pivoting subframes to travel-proven trucks - this book consolidates some very valuable (and sometimes very elusive) knowledge and expertise. Packed with images and illustrations as well as comprehensive text, it’s my genuine hope that it will be a massive help to anyone taking on a self-build project.

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If you’re an independent traveller you’ll know that getting to the places you want to be to do the things you want to do can prove less than straightforward; particularly if your passion is for off-the-beaten-track adventure and visiting places less trammelled by organised tourism. Within this book lies the ultimate solution: build yourself an overland camper!

Overland campers can take you in style to remote, inhospitable and otherwise elusive places; all whilst surrounded by the familiar comforts of home.

If you fancy the prospect of creating a bespoke and comfortable self-contained overland travelling solution – or are otherwise interested in building a robust and truly autonomous specialist vehicle to support a lifestyle, hobby or professional interest – then this manual will prove to be an indispensable companion.

Whether you’d be best served by a converted van, an upgraded off-the-peg-motorhome, or by what for many is the last word in overlanding vehicles: a truck-based camper, you’ll find within these pages clear and concise advice on sourcing vehicles, making vital modifications, building a habitation box and what to look out for when selecting the equipment and systems most suited to the unique demands of truly autonomous travel in tough terrain.

As well as guidance covering the installation of furniture, storage, heating, cooling, washrooms and kitchens; plus water, gas and electrical systems, this essential work also finally demystifies the ‘black art’ of how to deal with chassis-induced torsional stress.

Additionally, for UK-based readers, there’s even a unique section on relevant legal issues and a guide to threading through the officialdom involved in painlessly turning a previously unregistered large goods vehicle into a fully road-legal motorcaravan.

Armed with tenacity and moderate DIY skills – just like the self-builders featured within – you too can make the dream a reality.


A question asked time and again is how much self-built campers are worth. The simple answer is there is no simple objective answer; they’re such individual things that they’re worth exactly no more and no less than someone is prepared to pay. What may be exactly the right base vehicle / overall size combination for one person may be totally useless to the next. Of course, the same applies for every single aspect of every single build; from layout to equipments spec, to construction techniques, to materials used; the permutations are effectively endless. But… with the accepted understanding that objective valuation is - at best - an imprecise science, the valuation tool that can be downloaded here at least gives a rough idea of reasonable starting points for negotiations for both sellers and buyers. The valuation tool is based on empirical data but is constantly evolving given the increasing and shifting market. If you try it and have any suggestions for modification, please contact us via the link at the top of the page. For want of time, it's available in .xls fomat only at the moment but should run (if a bit clunkily) on most Microsoft Office platforms.


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